Thursday, March 6

4:00pm Check in
5:00pm Supper
6:00pm Tour of Campus
7:00pm Orientation

Fish Dissections (Group 1)

OR eDNA Extraction/PCR (Group 2)

Friday, March 7

7:30am Breakfast
8:15am Worship

Chemical Analyss (Group 1)

OR Fish Dissections (Group 2)


eDNA Extraction & PCR (Group 1)

OR Invasive Species Screening (Group 2)

12:00pm Lunch

Water Quality Testing (Group 1)

OR Chemical Analysis (Group 2)


Invasive species screening (Group 1)

OR Water Quality Testing (Group 2)

4:00pm Summary of evidence
5:00pm Supper
8:00pm Vespers

Sabbath, March 8

9:30am Breakfast
10:00am Sabbath School
11:30am Church
1:00pm Lunch
2:45pm Outreach Activity with Campus Ministries
5:30pm Supper
6:00pm Evensong
7:00pm Mathletics

Disclaimer: There has NOT been a fish kill in the Southwestern Adventist University duck pond. All water testing is in the normal range for surface waters. This activity is a simulation being conducted for educational purposes only.